Microsystems in the Pacific Platform


Free of charge, instant transfers with any currency


Transactions based on QR codes placed on photos, videos and other multimedia on the Internet


Micropayments for stores, classified advertisement websites, social media, online games


Top up your app or exchange funds to cash in brick and mortar points without the necessity of having a bank account


Ability to freeze the value of funds and avoid exchange rate risk, for Users owning different currencies


Smartphone with NFC as a payment card and payment terminal, without limits and service charges


Safe, user friendly mobile multi-wallet, giving access to digital settlements


Accepting payments from many points of sale at the same time – remote control over the company’s finances


Automated cryptocurrency exchange, that improves liquidity of the system and allows for instant exchange of the most popular currencies

What Pacific is

Pacific is a payment system focused on e-commerce, comprised of 9 microsystems that jointly allow for convenient, quick and simple mobile payments. App enables payments in both physical and online stores, currency exchange on the internal exchange, automatic conversion of funds to a currency chosen by user and instant payments using pCodes microsystem, which allows to conduct products and services sale directly on social media. Time from the first buy impulse to the finalization of a transaction is less than 8 seconds.

Micropayments – macroscale

Make settlements in a simple way, any currency and globally – instant and free. Transfer funds to a phone number or email with pTransfer. Pay contactless with pTap and also online with pMicroPay. Buy products directly on social media and livestreams, scanning pCodes with Pacific App.

Digital wallet, physical cash

Check the map in Pacific App to locate the nearest Partner, top up your account in application using cash or withdraw cash directly from the Partner. Pacific pSwap is a platform for entrepreneurs who are given the opportunity to diversify their commercial offer by giving their customers the possibility of topping up or withdrawing funds from the Pacific application at their stationary point. The pSwap service brings particular value to regions where access to banking infrastructure is difficult.

One account, many points of sale

Accept funds from many places at the same time and control the efficiency of each POS. Pacific pMultiPOS is a protocol allowing the creation of subaccounts being agents in a transfer of funds to the main account. The balance in the application is updated online, which allows for the management of funds in the account immediately after receiving them.

PCF Token - Passive income

Pacific Token has been qualified by a licensed VFA Agent as Virtual Financial Asset (VFA) based on the Maltese VFA Act, which is in accordance with European financial regulations.

Pacific allocates 7.15% of the project’s revenue for payments to token holders. To ensure full transparency, the payment is calculated not on profit but on income. Each owner of PCF Tokens will be able to check Pacific Digital Ltd’s revenue in periodic financial reports published by the company and verified by licensed auditors.

In accordance with the law. In fair, transparent and safe manner

Pacific Digital Ltd, being the owner of the Pacific project, performs its activities in accordance with the law of the European Union and is fully governed by it. By cooperating with European bodies of financial oversight, the company protects interests and privacy of its clients keeping the highest standards of European financial enterprises.

Digital Fort Knox

In the interest of protecting Users’ funds and personal data, Pacific cooperates with a global leader in the financial systems security industry, whose services are also used by some of the largest European banks. The Data Center with which Pacific Digital Ltd cooperates is of the highest security standard, confirmed by EN 50600 Class IV certificate.

Reward for holding PCF Tokens

Each holder of a specified amount of PCF tokens will be entitled to receive additional PCF tokens. Pacific is allocating a designated pool of PCF tokens to Staking. Additional tokens will be paid out each month to the addresses where tokenholders’ tokens are held. Information about the start of staking will appear on the social media profiles of the project, and the program itself will last 12 months from the moment of announcement.

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Meet our team!
Meet our team Pacific is created by a team of professionals, who share the same vision of a new economic model.

Frequently asked questions

  • How is Pacific different from Revolut, Monese, Metal?

    The above-mentioned applications focus on traditional banking services, dressed in new robes. Pacific opens a new chapter, introducing its services to e-commerce market, allowing to finalize transactions on social media, streams and online stores. The time from the moment of the buy impulse to the finalization of the transaction does not exceed 8 seconds. Every seller has to pass KYC verification, therefore every transaction is secure. The seller receives the payment in the currency of his choice, regardless of the currency used by the buyer. Thanks to pMultiPOS merchant is able to funnel revenues from all points of sale automatically into one, easily managed account.

  • What is the role of PCF token?

    Pacific Token (PCF) allows its holder to receive monthly payable income which is based on the Pacific Project’s revenue. Unlike most cryptocurrencies, Pacific Token (PCF) is not a purely speculative asset – since its price is largely impacted by company’s value, it’s less dependant on Bitcoin’s price.

  • What is VFA?

    VFA (Virtual Financial Asset) is a Maltese token classification, included in the VFA Act which entered into force on November 1, 2018. The VFA token is a virtual asset, regulated by an act that matches the requirements laid out in European regulations.

  • What are the conditions for receiving monthly income?

    Any person having at least 10,000 PCF tokens is entitled to receiving monthly income.

  • How many PCF tokens are there?

    The total number of PCF tokens is 1,000,000,000.

  • What are the costs of using the Pacific app?

    All transfers between individual users are free. Business users pay a commission of 1.5% of the value of each incoming transaction. Using the pSwap service is associated with a commission equal to 1.5% of the transaction value. Initial trading fee on the pMarket exchange orders equals 0.2% of the order value.

  • Do I have to pass KYC verification to use the application?

    Pacific operates in accordance with European KYC/AML regulations. Each system user has to be verified, to prevent abuse and ensure full transaction security.

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