Microsystems in the Pacific Platform

Free of charge, instant transfers with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and other cryptocurrencies
Cryptocurrency micropayments for stores, online services, online games…
Purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies in brick and mortar facilities for any FIAT without the necessity of having a bank account
No necessity to take the foreign exchange rate risk, possibility of automatic exchange of the deposits to stable coins
Smartphone with NFC technology as a cryptocurrency payment terminal, without limits and service charges
Safe, user friendly mobile multiwallet giving access to digital settlements
Accepting payments from many places at the same time – remote control over the company’s finances
Instant, automated cryptocurrecy exchange based on internal exchange system
Real-time monitoring of all funds, including the ones outside the Pacific System

What Pacific is

Pacific is a set of nine microsystems that jointly create an intuitive tool enabling the comprehensive use of cryptocurrencies as a payment method in everyday life. The access to the system is granted through a mobile or a web app. By using one of the apps, you are able to perform any transaction available on the cryptocurrency market. The app allows for making payments in brick and mortar as well as online stores, exchanging digital currencies via the exchange systems, using automatic conversion to avoid foreign exchange rate risk and buying or selling cryptocurrencies for cash in Pacific Partners’ POS. The Pacific system makes the use of cryptocurrencies practical, convenient and competitive compared to traditional payment methods.


Micropayments – macroscale

Make settlements easy using any of the cryptocurrencies in any part of the world. Instantly and without commission. Make transfers to the telephone number or email address using the pTransfer service, pay contactless via pTap or online via pMicroPay micropayment system. Off-chain transactions, by applying the technology of changing the ownership rights, make it possible to perform a transaction in less than 1 second and fully eliminate its costs, regardless of the type of cryptocurrency transferred. From now on, the blockchain scalability, high transaction fees and long transaction processing time are no longer barriers to usability.


New meaning of the cryptocurrency exchange

Check the application map for the closest Partner and instantly trade cryptocurrencies for cash. Pacific pSwap is a global platform of Pacific Partners, who gain possibility to broaden their commercial offer with a modern smartphone-operated cryptocurrency exchange office. The pSwap service provides easy access to cryptocurrencies for persons without a bank account or accounts in cryptocurrency exchange systems.


One account, many points of sale

Accept funds from many places at the same time and control the efficiency of each POS. Pacific pMultiPOS is a protocol allowing the creation of subaccounts being agents in a transfer of funds to the main account. The balance in the application is updated online, which allows for the management of funds in the account immediately after receiving them.


Security Token – passive income

Pacific provides the STO offer to Investors to ensure financing of development and commercialization of the project. Security Token Offering (STO) is a process of selling a Security token, which entitles its holder to receive regular payments in the amount of 7.15% of the project income. The whole process will take place on the Ethereum blockchain, and the remuneration will be paid in ETH to ERC-20 wallets of PCF Tokenholders. Payment for Tokenholders is calculated based on income and not on profit in order to ensure full transparency. Each Investor will be able to check the income of Pacific Ltd by reviewing periodic financial reports published by the company.


In accordance with the law. In fair, transparent and safe manner

Pacific Ltd, being the owner of the Pacific project, performs its activities in accordance with the law of the European Union and is fully governed by it. By cooperating with European bodies of financial oversight, the company protects interests and privacy of its clients keeping the highest standards of European financial enterprises.


Digital Fort Knox

Considering the need to provide Users with the highest level of security, Pacific cooperates with the global leader in financial systems security. We use solutions developed throughout the years by the biggest companies of the financial sector. Thus, we can be proud of our internal security of transactions representing the highest world-class level.


STO (Security Token Offering) – affiliation program

Each person who registers themselves in the Pacific STO process has the right to participate in the affiliation program and to recommend Pacific STO to their friends. For sharing their reference link, the recommending person will be awarded with 10% of PCF Tokens bought by the recommended person. At the same time, the recommended person will receive a bonus of 4% of PCF tokens, calculated based on the invested amount, for buying tokens from the reference link.

PCF Tokens division

The total pool in the STO process contains 1,000,000,000 PCF tokens. Unsold tokens will be burnt.

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Meet our team!
Meet our team Pacific is created by a team of professionals, who share the same vision of a new economic model.


Frequently asked questions

  • What is Pacific?

    Pacific is a comprehensive processor of multicryptocurrency offchain transactions. It is composed of nine microsystems combined in one application, which make it possible to eliminate the existing limitations. Pacific allows for comfortable and free use of cryptocurrencies in everyday transactions.

  • What is the difference between Pacific and Revolut, Mones, Metal?

    Revolut and the above mentioned applications are dedicated mainly to developed markets with developed infrastructure of POS terminals and financial services. Pacific is dedicated to developing countries, which, according to the International Monetary Fund, were inhabited in 2017 by over 6.26 billion people, i.e. 84% of the world’s population. In these countries, a POS terminal is rather an uncommon sight, and banking infrastructure is largely underdeveloped. Pacific aims at creating there a network of smart cryptocurrency payment terminals, providing developing countries with the freedom of digital settlements.

  • What is the role of PCF token?

    Pacific Token (PCF) is a utility token and a tool allowing the Tokenholder to receive monthly remuneration. Holding it provides Business Clients with lower commission fees and entitles them to monthly payments based on monthly income of the Pacific Project.

  • What is STO?

    STO (Security Token Offering) is a form of presale of tokens giving their holders the right to participate in the project income. It is a process allowing for the financing of the project, its development and product commercialization.

  • What are the conditions for receiving dividends?

    Any person having at least 10,000 PCF tokens is entitled to receiving dividends.

  • How many PCF tokens are there?

    The total number of PCF tokens is 1,000,000,000. Unsold tokens from the pool dedicated for sale during the STO process are later burnt.

  • What conditions do I have to meet in order to participate in the STO stage of the Pacific Project?

    In order to participate in the PCF token presale, you have to pass the KYC verification process and buy the minimum amount of PCF tokens for $10.

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