We combined shopping and finance with the cleaning of the seas and oceans

Get a payment card that we created from recovered ocean-bound plastic!

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80% of the oxygen you breathe comes from the oceans

Our card is eco-friendly, because we created it from recovered ocean-bound plastic. Use it and we’ll donate 0.1% of every transaction with this card to cleanse the seas and oceans.

Finance that change the world

For each transaction with your card, we donate 0.1% to cleanse the seas and oceans.

For each of your in-app purchases, we donate 1% to cleanse the seas and oceans.

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Modern and eco-friendly shopping

Imagine shopping directly from a Facebook post or YouTube video. Now It is possible. Thanks to our application you will rediscover the potential of QR codes.


Transfers in chat

You can send money in chat as easily as you can send a diving selfie

Not only eco, but also fashionable!

Buy products in stores that are not indifferent to the fate of the environment.
Each in-app purchase is 1% that we donate to cleanse the seas and oceans.


Download our app

Check which of your friends are using Pacific. Download our app, create an account and see for yourself!

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