Business services

Familiarize yourself with our services for business clients.


Open a business account

With us you can set up a business account in just a few clicks. It’s easier than you think!

Our transfers are lightning fast

No more waiting for transfers! Keep your business running smoothly with instant customer payments to your Pacific account.


Sell in the mobile marketplace

Increase sales of your online store. Sell products in our mobile application.

Discover your new business card

The Pacific Mastercard is elegant and minimalist. You can pay with it at home, abroad and without currency conversion costs.


Discover a new way to sell – QR codes

Sell your products right from the advertising banner or fanpage. We are sure you will like our automatically generated QR codes.

Fast integration

Integrate your store with Pacific. Orders will automatically go to your online store. You will handle orders as before.


Download the Pacific app

Check how we can help increase sales in your company.

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